Here are some Q and A for some of the more common questions. If you have other questions, please post on our Facebook page. This is a living document, so check back often!

Q: When is the event?
A: Saturday, October 22th, 2016, rolling out at 6.30 am sharp.

Q: Where does it start?
A: If you are willing to take complete responsibility for yourself and all the consequences for the results of those actions, then you’ll likely start at Walnut Creek Metro Park (at the Pool).

Q: Who can ride it?
A: Anyone – but remember, you’ll spend the day riding the streets and trails around Austin. This is an activity you’ll be completely responsible for yourself and your actions. Riding bikes on roads and trails are inherently dangerous and you ride at your own risk. Don’t ride this route unless you’re understand that you can get maimed or killed. We consider the EB as the measuring stick of Austin mountain bike riding.

Q: How far is the ride?
A: This is a long ass ride across roads and trails around Austin. This is a bad idea… but the route is around 80-85 miles give or take depending on weather re-routes.

Q: Will the route be marked?
A: We supply a GPX track which you can load as a course into your nav device. We also supply a turn-by-turn listing of the roads between the trails. All trails but one are a loop – the Green Belt is A to B, and can get complicated. We strongly suggest you partake of the Green Belt pre-rides if you are not very familiar with the area.

Q: Is it supported?
A: The EB is considered to be an entirely self-supported ride – you are responsible for carrying or purchasing your own supplies. Please don’t have wifey and the kids driving around with a cooler and a change of socks in the back. Neutral aid stations – available to all – have a tendency to pop up along the way. There will be one at Thumper this year, and we hope at City Park also.

Please obey the spirit of the event and don’t drop off any caches or coolers along the route. There are plenty of convenience stores along the route to resupply or there may be some Trail Angels out there giving treats to ALL riders.

Q: How do I get one of those swanky shirts?
A: The coveted “EB Finisher” shirts will be available for purchase by those who FINISH the ride. It’s your badge of honor, your proof of ATX mountain biking badassness.

Q: Dude, I finish the ride… now what?
A: Stick around, there will be an after party with beer, food, and music!

Q: Is there an online forum to meet other riders for training and whatnot?
A: Check out our Facebook page.