We had a group of 4 from my work do the ride together. My morning started off a little late, so I had my ride buddy Billy sign me in and I was getting my gear out of the car as the riders took off from Walnut. We caught up with everyone at the creek crossing, but we were the last ones out of Walnut and it was a fairly lonely ride down to the Greenbelt. BCGB was in great condition and my Garmin 810 kept us on track. We had tried to pre-ride the greenbelt last weekend and got lost (I forgot to load the .gpx for that ride), so this experience was much better. Tried to ride up as much as the HOL as I could, but I hiked a pretty big chunk.

The crepe station 360 was awesome. Then I drafted a few road bikers to catch up with my buddies: another great advantage of the dropper post! Hiked most of Courtyard. I love City Park and we took advantage of the PB&J and bacon served up by the AMAZING trail angels. We stopped at the base of Jester for food and Billy took a quick little nap. Another hike-a-bike up the hill and then on to St. Ed’s. Great trail, though we were worried our buddy Will would fall off the cliff (like he did out at Brushy once on Mulligan!). Luckily, no wrecks.

Thumper was Thumper. I hate that trail.

We made it to Walnut just as the sun was setting and finished our loop with lights. Right on the last little downhill towards the creek, our buddy Chris ate shit off a tree. Literally, the last section of trail and he wrecked! But he brushed it off and we made the climb up to the parking lot and crossed the finish line 13.5 hours after starting. It was a long day, but we had a great time and we all finished together.

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