Bike Dood’s Report

Hi all, my first time on the EB, only heard about it this year, I had an eventful time, missed my alarm, woke up at 6.30 am..

Rushed to Walnut, luckily a few Angels were still there so they got me setup with a race number and route notes, headed out at 7.10 am, ended up getting lost out of Walnut, followed the road out to Lamar then had to use my phone to navigate to the proper route, after that made it to Zilker at 8.20.

Another rider, Martin then showed up who had also missed his alarm, so we rode together through the greenbelt, pretty good pace, nice dry first couple of crossings then found our way to Pumphouse, some confusion getting back into Jedi but we worked it out and made it to Mulch.

Didn’t fancy riding another 60 miles with wet socks/shoes so stripped those and walked barefoot across the dam, then on the HOL, noticed my back tire was flat, couple of guys stopped to help (thanks !) and we worked out their was a gash in tire.. Stripped the tubeless tire and put in a tube, limped to the bike shop on 360 and the guys there got me setup with a new tire and some more Stans, so more delays…

Finally, back on track to Courtyard/City Park, saw plenty of guys heading the other way, nice to see the well stocked Angels booth, hit City Park, riding solo now, feeling good though the motorbike trail, remembered to get some salt tabs down me before starting out, after partaking at the Angels City Park buffet, headed off to Jester, bit of a slog but made it up then on to St Eds, somehow lost a water bottle along the way (in City Park ?), but topped up at the various stops, didn’t feel too confident at St Eds, bit slippy, saw some hikers who said they had just seen a rattlesnake there.

Yaupon was a tough slog also, at least the last tough roady hill. Thumper bit of an unknown for me – I have ridden it before but always got lost, luckily Kent was there to guide some of us through it, main bit is to find the correct entrance (and luckily the main loop doesn’t go on the nasty rocky baby head section (Jacks revenge I think) which I’d been riding before), which made it a lot easier, challenging trail especially after 60+ miles.. great to make it out.

Rode over to Walnut with Matt, another Brit, then cruised round Walnut, great relief to ride something easy after Thumper/City Park, great setup at the finish, finally finished at 5.30, hats off to the organization / Angels – you guys were great, great food & beer at the finish too, hope I can do it again next year, next time hopefully I’ll hear my alarm, and ride without any mechanicals.. Cheers