An old mans EB adventure!

Woke to the alarm at 4AM, loaded up the bike and paraphernalia and had a good breakfast. Woke up Lynn at 4:30 and she drove me to WC and I started at exactly 5AM.

Significant times:
6AM arrived at the BC pool.
7:30AM finished S16
8:05AM arrived at foot of mulch hill
8:35 arrived either at the top of power line or the bottom of power line and back on main BC trail. Can’t remember which.
9:00AM arrived at top of HOL. Saw Josh’s girlfriend waiting there.
10:00AM arrived at the CP trailhead
~12 noon arrived at Jester and filled up with water from Barbara Fryer (thank you!). I also had a pint of chocolate milk and CC cookie from Subway, wishing they sold milkshakes!
St Ed’s was uneventful except the markings were obviously not clear at the overlook following the decent from the top. A few had walked down the huge gully and climbed the other side. I guided two riders to the proper path going around the gully.
3:30PM finished Thumper. 5 Miles, 2 hours and 15 minutes of horror! Probably ½ or more walking.
5:46PM finished at WC

Some tidbits of information:

I needed my night light until approximately 7:15AM, which brought me somewhere on S16.
Most of the greenbelt was done in a very light mist. It did not affect the traction much but it did clog up my glasses to the extent that I had to look out over the top of the frame rim in order to see.

Thank you to the lady who gave me the (Aggie?) yell heading toward 360 from HOL. Also to Mickey for the great moral “yell” on the CP road when I was heading toward Jester. They both really boosted my enthusiasm!

I spent about one hour recuperating at the Jester stop and the Thumper stop. As had been said many times, all the volunteers really helped with replenishing supplies and boosting moral! ARR was well represented by Cindy, Laura and others. As well as many Mojo helpers like Barbara, Karen, Paulette, and others.

My computer registered 62.3 miles at start of Thumper and 67.3 at the end. It read 83.8 miles at the WC finish!

About 2 miles into the CP trail the first three riders from the 6:40 start time blew by me. About 5 minutes later, three more blew by. At the end of CP I think there were 11 riders ahead of me that had made up the approximate 1 hour 40 minute head start I had on them. WOW.

I pride myself with never having had to walk all the long, steep hills (Courtyard, CP road, Jester and Yaupon) during the EB or on any prep ride. However, about half way up Yaupon during this EB I felt a leg cramp coming on and I immediately stopped and jumped off the bike in hopes that it would not develop into something serious. Luckily, as I stood there it went away. I walked up Yaupon approx 50 – 75 yards and as it did not recur, I got back on the bike and continued.Up until Thumper I was feeling fine with only one scrape on my right elbow from a tree dab. After Thumper I was banged up and pissed and all during Thumper I kept telling myself never again! But next year will have to be reevaluated at that time. I have ranted on about Thumper in the past so I will spare you of that again.

All things considered, it was a great event and many kudos to all the riders that encouraged me along the way!

My bike computer stats:
Miles: 83.8
Max speed: 38 mph
Ave speed: 8 mph
Ride time on the bike: 10 hrs 54 minutes