Unzip this file to download the very latest .fit and .gpx routes.


We suggest you study the route segments on Strava, and get familiar with where you will be riding. Keep an eye open for ride calls throughout the year on the various trails to get people comfortable with the trail route. This will come in handy on the Greenbelt especially. We will in all likelihood flag the key turns and crossings on the Greenbelt, to assist those who are unfamiliar with the trails.

Remember that City Park has been ‘reversed’ again!

Here is the list of roads we’ll take for the EB

[Follow lead rider out of Walnut Creek Park]
L Shady Springs Rd
R Elm Brook Dr
L Swearingen Dr
L Parkfield Dr
R Payton Gin Rd
L Ohlen Rd
L Burnet Rd
R Steck Ave
L Shoal Creek
R W 34th St
L Jefferson St
R Northwood Rd
L Bland St
L Margranita Crescent
Slight L Winsted Ln
Slight L onto Johnson Creek H&B trail

Arrive at Zilker Park Trailhead

<Barton Creek Trail>

L 360
L Courtyard Dr
L City Park

<City Park/Emma Long Trail>
R City Park
L 2222
R Jester
R Beauford Dr
R Lakewood Dr
L 360
L Spicewood Springs Rd

<St Eds Trail>
R Spicewood Springs Rd
L Yaupon Dr

<Thumper Trail>
R Yaupon Dr
R D-K Ranch Rd
R Argonne Forest Trail
R Jollyville Rd

L Duval Rd

L Amherst Dr, N Walnut Creek Trail starts from parking area

[Take concrete path aka N Walnut Creek Trail as far as the parking lot]

<Walnut Creek Trail excl Windy Loop & BMX Loop>

Yes, it’s that easy!